No Images?

Are you unable to access some images or are seeing blank images boxes with black X's or little red X's in the upper left corners on some pages? I have set my web server to allow access to image files only from site web pages. This was necessary because of excessive web server bandwidth demand due to direct links to images from other sites.

Linking from another site to an image file (.jpg) on won't work for most images on this site.

You may be denied image access even from pages if you are using a software firewall that blocks web browser and site linked from information: If your firewall blocks that web browser link data then my web server cannot tell that the request is from a page and it will not transmit the image to your browser.

Norton Personal Firewall is one where web browser information is blocked by its default Personal Privacy Control settings. You can change those settings if you wish to view images on my site. For example: if you are using Norton Personal Firewall 2003, you can change this default browser privacy setting by the following (from the Norton Personal Firewall 2003 users guide page 94):

  1   Start Norton Personal Firewall.
  2   Double-click Privacy Control.
  3   Click Custom Level.
  4   In the Customize Privacy Settings dialog box, uncheck Enable Browser Privacy.
  5   Click OK.

More recent Norton versions and other firewall programs may have similar settings.

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